Mosaic Bean & Pasta Daisy Art

I made this project for my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop for a project in being resourceful.  After reading “Clover’s Story” we used leftover dried beans, rice & pasta and photo/art frames.



  • Old or new photo frame.  Mine was old, from a dollar store.
  • White glue.  I used tacky glue, but school glue will work well too.
  • Paintbrush to spread the glue.
  • Photocopy of daisy petals pattern.  I used a printout of the Girl Scouts Daisy Petals.
  • Dried beans, pasta and rice.  I used leftovers from a 16 bean soup mix, colored pasta spirals, brown rice.


1. Brush glue over entire glass surface.


2. Cut photocopy to size.  Press onto glass, tucking small edges under the frame if necessary.  Wipe excess glue from the frame.


3.  Brush a thick layer of glue inside the petal and center outlines.  Fill petals and center with one type of bean or pasta, alternating the colors or contrasts, for an even look.

4.  Brush a thick layer of glue around the remaining exposed area of the photocopy.  Cover entirely with brown rice.  Gently shake from side to side, to allow rice to fill in empty spaces, tilting if necessary.  Tip frame and gently shake off excess rice.


5.  Lay flat to dry and allow 24 hours to dry completely.

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